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Quarter 1 – 2016: Best American Solar Energy Companies

Solar City

Next to the list is yet another of the biggest home solar installment businesses in America. Why is SolarCity a stand-out on the market could it even offer its production department. While they mainly function with homes, they can also supply for authorities and nonprofit PPA (Solar Power Purchase Agreement), rental and buy applications as they can make their sections suit the buy. Funding skills and their setup also help make SolarCity among the firms that are top to select to begin with PV in the company or your residence.

Vivint Solar

Close on the heels of PetersenDean is Vivint Solar. They do not get a roofer section but have sections specialized in automation and house safety. Like PetersenDean they’ve found to the solar marketplace by producing the most efficient utilization of the familiarity with business as well as home requirements. Three years ago, Vivint Solar rated second in the country as a supplier of all solar setups. They do hire and install products, market parts but do no production in-house. The company, home, and authorities are served by them through immediate sales, rental and PPA (Solar Power Purchase Agreement) arrangements.

Verengo Solar

This you have turned into among the best three home solar installing firms in America only according to market share. It did so nicely that there’s a rumor it’s today enticing purchasers. Dedicated to the home marketplace, Verengo Solar apparently installed more than ten thousand solar models in homes because it opened for business. It’s thought to be quite favorable to these just starting to investigate scores, but also solar energy lifestyles well with industrial and company balances too.


PetersenDean was certainly one of the principal leaders and forerunners in America solar power marketplace since it first started the company in the 1980s. They join solar setup and roofer solutions. The part is a comparatively recent addition to their sections, but they have been provided the advantage on what various marketplaces should make solar power feasible by their traditional background in the roofer mark. They have a massive support percent that is home, but also does government agreements and business work too.


The corporation makes the level be the leaders in America sector in renting that is solar. They provide lending and rental. However, they’re not reliant on one another. The result of the design is it permitted to enlarge to offer solar alternatives in regions that are under-served by encouraging installation businesses and satellite syndication under their symbol. Their rental continues to be popular with PPA (Solar Power Purchase Agreement); home and company things; plus their additional solutions have created them a constant and firm presence in the marketplace that is conventional, including government and nonprofit requirements.


SolarPlanetUSA is a solar leader, among the world’s biggest solar-technologies companies as well as the greatest U.S. solar-panel manufacturing company for over forty years. Production, in its engineering, operation, environment and support history, the organization is a business innovator that is solar.

RGS Power

RGS Power is a department of Actual Goods Solar. Real Goods Solar is the US installation business that is solar. Their Power office is their latest invention to create their goods to other PPA (Solar Power Purchase Agreement) clients, companies, as well as mo-Re homes. They provide both lending and rental. RGS continues to be helping clients for more than thirty-five years and is highly seen as one of the first leaders in producing solar power a viable option for companies and own houses.


The corporation gets a leading installer of solar gear, along with the distinction to be an international innovator in solar-cell and module production. This is an American firm, as well as their primary emphasis, was on building the marketplace that is home. While dedicated to house use, SunPower also offers an insistent Industrial equip, which puts them in the best 3 of the suppliers and contractors in the United States for government and company use. Their line of products covers everything from Do-It-Yourself jobs that are little to house conversions, new building as well as business setups also.

Trinity Solar

Their assignment will be to offer high-performing, cost-effective, ecologically responsible solutions to deal with the power requirements of our clients. So many solar panels have been installed by Trinity Solar across the nation. In fact, Trinity Solar energy methods are developed by one the top solar suppliers in the country. Today, the company holds more than three hundred and fifty workers and is just about the biggest solar supplier in the NorthEast part of America. They are continuing to grow and grow year by year.

Solar Direct

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Solar Direct is a worldwide leader in photovoltaic (PV) solar power options. Solar Direct has produced, funded, designed, built, and now manages a lot of the world’s biggest grid-connected PV energy plants available. By incorporating expertise, services, and systems throughout the complete value chain that are solar, good PV power options that empower Solar Direct delivers some run by cost-effective and dependable electricity.

SolarDirect provides many categories, including (but not limited to):

Solar PV Electric

Parts & Supplies

Electric Vehicles

Outdoor Lifestyle


Wind Power

Water Conservation

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Skyline Solar Energy Inc.

As they have primarily catered to the Southern-California region, Skyline is a unique addition to the listing. This place does signify among the best percentages of solar energy use in the state. To that conclusion, they have been a top supplier of options that are home. Skyline Solar Energy promotes an emphasis on the introduction of rehabilitations, as well as in building a solar product that is fresh and innovative. Using their cost deals with part makers and solar element, they’re also the leading supplier of discount sections to clients that are home.

OneRoof Energy

Among the newest firms OneRoof Energy, in the marketplace, this business was set up five years ago. They neither make nor promote sections, solar modules or parts. Accordingly, they’re a unique hire broker for a large number of enviornmentalists. The reward for his or her businesses is this has enabled them to carve out a market in parts and hired solutions that let businesses and home clients choose the most compelling advantage of business discounts. They can also deliver to an under-served region solar access through their accessibility that is negotiated.

OneRoof Energy goes by their assignment to supply “Solar For Everyone.” OneRoof Energy is a complete service solar firm focused on supporting the nation’s transition toward sustainable and clean energy and saving homeowners money on their electric bills. At OneRoof Energy, they consider that solar electricity needs to be affordable, and that’s the reason we provide various solar panel funding alternatives for our clients. OneRoof Energy is assured they can locate ways to get solar panel systems on your own roof and additional cash in your own wallet.


Sunrun is a comparative newcomer to the business. Sunrun has become among the greatest solar contractors in the nation. They do not do any production. However, they have among the best installment and renting professionals.

Sunrun’s agreements are equally split over the government, industrial and home deals in the solar marketplace. They are also among these just starting to investigate solar powered energy and the first picks for PPA clients (Solar Power Purchase Agreement). Learn more about their A+ ratings with the BBB and Angie’s List. In addition, there’s the 20% you can potentially save.


Based out of California, SolarWorld continues to supply locally-owned and managed solar to areas through their locally-owned and managed business system all over the United States. For over eight years, they have created a unique solar business community which delivers companies and customers energy-savings through our network of locally-owned and managed franchises. SolarWorld is distinctively named the kings of solar in America.

Since 1975, SolarWorld is asserted to function as the biggest U.S. solar manufacturing company for more than forty years. In the US, SolarWorld attentively performs essential measures to protect our planet. Last but not least, they uphold their 100% warranty on the highest quality components and materials, providing us consumers with the very best solar panels.


Suniva is the leading American producer of high-efficiency price, competitive modules and PV solar panels. The organization is known worldwide because of its top quality solar goods, trademarked low-cost production technologies, and long-term efficiency that is highly dependable. Suniva’s groundbreaking production process guarantees the mix of extraordinary value and high-power in every product that they make while our study landmarks that the Suniva team is setting the standard in the worldwide PV market.

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