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Some Factors to Consider when Choosing Solar Panel

There are some factors that you may pay attention to when choosing a solar panel to be installed at your home. This is because some of the solar panels are not cheap despite the price is getting decreased each year. The physical and non-physical characters of a different solar panel will give different result toward the quality of solar power you install. Nowadays, there are so many types of solar panels based on solar energy that you can find in the market, either imported solar panel or domestic product. The prices are also various depending on the type, quality, and efficiency offered.  So, before you decide to buy Photovoltaic (PV) System, you have to know some of these things below.

Solar Panel Efficiency

The solar panel efficiency is showed in a percentage. This number will explain how much power that can be produced by this type of solar power. The more efficient solar panel, the smaller surface needed to produce solar power. There are some companies that produce the best solar panel efficiency and each manufacturer has their own efficiency level.

Solar Power Durability

Your house is your greatest investment, and since the solar panel will be installed at your home for 20 years, then it is very important to find a solar panel that provides long time warranty so that your solar energy will remain functioning normally. Suppose there is an issue on the panel, then you just need to replace it with the new one freely or you can also get a free service from the manufacturer.

Specification and Features

You also need to consider the features and specs when choosing solar renewable energy to be installed at your home. You have to understand how much the solar panel can produce the maximum voltage, what kind of connection used, what are the frames used, and know the level of the easy installation, and much more. Some users may need Photovoltaic (PV) System that can be installed directly on their house roofs while some of the others prefer solar panel that can be installed on their windows.

Solar Panel Dimension

The size of solar panel dimension you choose will determine how many panels that you can install on a provided space. The smaller space you have, the bigger possibility you have to use the solar panel with higher efficiency but it has optimal dimension. You are recommended to consult with your solar panel provider to get the best solar power system design.

Customer Support

You have to know that choosing solar panel as the best renewable energy will also influence your investment while this technology is still developing. You may have so many questions before and after the usage of the solar panel. Therefore, you are recommended to find a company that offers customer support and this will be the best way to find out more about the solar power you want to install and you will get effective problem solving when you have some problems after the installation.

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