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Some Facts about Solar Energy

Nowadays, solar panel becomes so popular because most of the people have realized that solar power is really beneficial for them. There are so many people who prefer solar energy other than state power because of its flexibility and affordability. Some of them say that by using a solar panel, they do not need to pay monthly bills anymore and the power is enough to turn their televisions and lamps on. However, you probably do not know about some facts about solar energy that is currently used by some people who live in remote area. You can read some of these facts as your inspiration so you can get closer enough to this renewable energy system.

Here are some facts about solar energy that you may never know before:

  • The practical solar cell was created by Bell Laboratories in 1954 and Bell only needed 1-watt energy and spent $250 to pay the watt.
  • If you travel to the South America with an area about 10000 miles squares with solar panels, then it may produce a huge power that can fulfill the power energy in the United State.
  • A half of the solar panels produced in the entire world are used in Japan to meet the sector energy of their residences.
  • Just like the whole life on earth which is controlled by the sun, the wind also occurs due to the heating and cooling activity and theoretically the wind is a perfect complement for the solar energy.
  • The fossil fuel is actually the formation of solar energy that is stored on earth.
  • Albert Einstein got a Nobel in the field of physics to explain the Photovoltaic (PV) System effect.
  • In a certain time, the earth receives 174 petawatts energy from the sun which equals with 174 trillion kilowatts and 6000 times the energy usage of the entire world.
  • The Germany has the hugest capacity of solar panels energy production in the world.
  • As many as 1-kilowatt solar energy can be obtained free of charge. Using fossil fuel, that energy can be obtained by burning 170 pounds coals that release 300 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • The amount of fossil fuel used by the human since the first usage hundred years ago equals with the energy produced by the solar in 30 days.

Those are some facts about solar energy that you may not know before. Now, you know that solar energy is really powerful to provide energy to the human life. So, it can be utilized to create power energy by using solar panels.

We can learn from the Germany that has been applying the solar panels for residence power supply that is known to be an environmental friendly compared to the state power. Besides, there are so many more advantages of using solar renewable energy to supply the power. For instance, you can install solar panels anywhere you want and it is also suitable for those who live in a remote area that is not connected with the state power.

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