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Residential Grid-Tie Systems (GTS)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Best-Solar-LOGO-(Square)-Apple-iPhone-Retina-Icon-(120x120)Since its formation, Best-Solar-Companies.com has been promoting and educating the world about the massive benefits of using sun-powered energy. Our goal is to help you make wise decisions regarding home and office that minimizes costs and preserves our delicate environment.

In that regard, Solar Direct has proven itself time and again with a history in equipment package sales, residential and commercial project management, review and assessment, training, installation, repair and maintenance of solar panels. They have assembled a staff of experienced engineers, salespersons and consultants that will help design wise financial investments regarding these solutions. The company’s Solar Grid-Tie Systems is a great example. With its installation, you provide yourself with an effective way to deliver power to the home. Through Solar Direct, get a virtually maintenance free solution that makes residential living comfortable, safe and affordable.


This company offers home or office options that provide a range of equipment packages to fit any situation or budget, including Solar Electric Modules, an array of PV components that convert sunlight into electric energy; Solar Inverters, a smart way to power AC devices with natural power; and UniRac Solar Mount Frames, a system that entails a distribution panel powered by a single story AS shingle roof.

With an eco-friendly eye toward protecting the environment, Best-Solar-Companies.com appreciates that Solar Direct gives us some strong options in Solar Grid-Tie Systems. There is a broad range of products from highly regarded manufacturers of solar panels such as Solar World, Kyocera, Evergreen, Suntech, and Plug-n-Play. All these companies offer custom solar panel systems that can save you up to 100 percent on utility bills.

Solar Direct LogoIf you contact Solar Direct, they will review your residential or commercial situation and provide a free and quick quote that aligns with both your budget and needs. Just be sure to mention that you found them by visiting best-solar-companies.com. The company will supply you with a detailed Balance of System components list, CAD drawings and Engineering submittals with the Florida Professional Engineer Seal. At the end of the installation, you will have a product that delivers electricity and reduces bills, minimizes fossil fuel burning for a healthier environment, pumps up the value of your home, and gets you rebates and incentives that will save you even more.

Are you ready to operate appliances, lights, and devices using natural energy from the sun? Best-Solar-Companies.com believes when it comes to solar panels and Solar Grid-Tie Systems, our review shows you couldn’t find a better resource than Solar Direct.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

In Review: Grid-Tie Solar Energy Systems

Solar Direct offers two different brands of grid-tie PV (photovoltaic) systems. In this review, Best-Solar-Companies.com, reviews both SolarWorld’s grid-tie kits in comparison to Hyundai’s grid-tie kits.

SolarWorld USA Grid-Tie Solar Energy System

Grid-Tie Solar Electric System with SolarWorld 285W Panels with Optimizers and SolarEdge 11.4kW Inverter - FREE SHIPPING

Grid-Tie Solar Electric System with SolarWorld 285W Panels with Optimizers and SolarEdge 11.4kW Inverter – FREE SHIPPING

SolarWorld offers panels that range from .28 kW to 16.22 kW. They offer a complete kit as well as installation. They are USA made and start at around $5,100 for a kit of 285W panels and a 3.0 kW inverter. Their most expensive offering is a system that has an 11.4 kW inverter for $17,566. A 16.8 kW inverter can be purchased separately.

Hyundai Grid-Tie System Solar Panels

Grid-Tie Solar Electric System with Hyundai 280W Panels with Optimizers and SolarEdge 11.4kW Inverter - FREE SHIPPING

Grid-Tie Solar Electric System with Hyundai 280W Panels with Optimizers and SolarEdge 11.4kW Inverter – FREE SHIPPING

Hyundai’s grid-tie systems range from 2.5 kW to 11.76 kW. As with SolarWorld, they offer complete kits and installation. They are made overseas, and their price range is a bit different from SolarWorld in that they are cheaper. A 3.0 kW system starts at $4,900, and an 11.4 kW system goes for about $16,900.

Grid-Tie with Battery Backup

Custom Solar Electric System - Quote Required

Custom Solar Electric System – Quote Required

SolarWorld also sells systems that utilize a grid-tie battery backup. This enables the homeowner to have the security of a battery backup using their regular grid-tie system or to subsist off of the grid completely. A net metering system is still used, and everything is the same as a regular grid-tie, except with the capability of backup battery. A quote is required for Solar Direct to custom engineer the power system as pricing depends on location, environment and size.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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